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Swimming Through The Void

25-35 min Pre Recorded Tarot Reading

25-35 min Pre Recorded Tarot Reading

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This is a general tarot reading looking into the overall energies and forces at play in your life.

I use a celtic cross type spread as a general structure but my readings are spirit-led and do not always follow a “structure” we will start by grabbing your overall energy at the “heart” of the situation and go from there to any challenges you are facing, what to expect from the incoming energies, and any advice from spirit, usually followed by an oracle card or two to tie everything together

After purchasing a reading, email Chucho at : with a Selfie or picture (optional), your astrological attributes (sun sign at minimal), and any questions or concerns you would like looked into during the reading, if nothing specific, i will just be channeling the message(s) spirit brings through/feels are most important for you at this time.

This reading will be pre-recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel as “unlisted“ so nobody will be able to access or see your reading but you with your link that i will send you via email… I leave them uploaded indefinitely, so you may view it as many times as you need, I ask that you allow 1-10 days after purchasing for your reading to be done and uploaded


Legal disclaimer: Tarot is for entertainment purposes only and does not replace medical, legal, financial, or therapeutic counseling. Swimming Through The Void is not responsible for decisions made by the customer after the reading.


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